How To Have Prospects Sell Themselves

Often you maybe asking yourself, “How do I have prospects sell themselves? Yet, I don’t want to be salesy!”

That’s a common worry I hear my clients share.

And it leads them to hold back on sharing their magic.

Can you relate?

I’ve noticed people often feel this way based on the idea in their head about what it means to sell.

So I’m gonna share a different way to approach sales.

So you can make the process empowering, helpful, easier and bring more income into your biz.

This approach helped me go from having 25% to about 75% of people I have calls with say they want to work with me.

And here’s what one client who disliked sales calls said, after she watched a training that mentioned some of what is included in this email.

But first lets use our imagination:

What image comes to mind for you when you hear the word salesy?

Prob someone with lots of pressure, crazy claims and low integrity.

It feels slimy.

Not the person you’re trying to be.

So here’s a better approach to sales!

Instead of convincing someone you can help them.

Show them you can help them by actually helping them.

And this doesn’t mean you need to do something crazy or exhaust yourself.

We can make it simple.

Here’s the process:

1st— own your worth and the special sauce you’re here to share with people.

2nd —ask questions to help the person highlight the feelings, beliefs, habits and information creating their current situation and then…the feelings, beliefs, habits and information that create their dream outcome.

3rd — once they have more clarity on the gap between where they are and where they want to be, help them close the gap.

This doesn’t mean you close to whole gap, but help them take a step.

Share value, your process a method that offers them:
– more clarity
– awareness of a possibility
– a helpful plan
– an intention a next step an insight.

In other words help them create momentum.

As a result, the person will sell themselves because they’re able to see you as a solution to help them close the gap.

And in the process you’ll feel better because you are able to help the person in a way that feels empowering.

Want more help?

If you know you’re holding yourself back and want to create a plan so you can show up in a way that feels good and grows your biz reply with the word “ready” and we can do a free call to help you go beyond where you’ve stopped before.

P.S.The free visualization guide I mentioned a week ago is complete.

Just finalizing a couple things for the launch, but I’ll be sharing it with you very very soon.

It’s magical stuff. Get excited!

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