Strategies to Make Your Self-Talk More Constructive

We all talk to ourselves—sometimes out loud, but mostly in our own head. While the voice in our head often goes untracked, it has a significant impact on our wellbeing, confidence and ability to bounce back from painful life experiences. What does the voice in your head usually sound like? We’ve evolved to have aContinue reading “Strategies to Make Your Self-Talk More Constructive”

Overcoming Fears that Cause Procrastination

Doubt, fear, procrastination—what do you call it? Over the last couple weeks, I found myself avoiding some tasks that were high up on my priority list and replacing them with smaller tasks or time wasted on the Internet. If you’ve had a similar experience, I’m sure you can imagine the internal dialogue I was havingContinue reading “Overcoming Fears that Cause Procrastination”

Why We Need to Be Real About How We Feel

The reality is life is incredibly challenging by its very nature. We have a myriad of experiences, and moods, and feelings, and emotions. So why do we often feel like we have to repress parts of us that make us fully human? Why we need to be real about how we feel? I know thisContinue reading “Why We Need to Be Real About How We Feel”

10 Ways to Defuse Negative Thoughts

Evolution of Suffering There are many wonderful things about life, but it’s also painful and difficult by its very nature. Through hundreds of millions of years of evolution, our ancestors developed survival strategies, which have been effective at keeping us alive and leading us to pass on our genes, but also cause us to feelContinue reading “10 Ways to Defuse Negative Thoughts”

How to Replace Unwanted Habits and Start New Ones

Most of us have habits we can do without and new habits we’d like to work into our lives. However, we know from experience that process is challenging. While it takes work, halting old habits and replacing them with new ones is certainly doable. We have 21days left until the new year. This is aboutContinue reading “How to Replace Unwanted Habits and Start New Ones”

The Transformative Power of Gratitude

Holidays are often times we put effort into acknowledging things we are grateful for. I still remember the joy of making Thanksgiving cards in second grade. Outside of celebratory times and achievements gratitude may seem trite, but there is growing research that shows expressing gratitude transforms our brain and enhances mental, physical and relational wellbeing. Being gratefulContinue reading “The Transformative Power of Gratitude”

3 Simple and Quick Exercises to Find More Calm Today

We live busy and fast-paced lives. Our minds are constantly being pulled in many directions by work tasks, social engagements, relationships, the media, future planning, past reflections, and all of the other things our day gets filled with. This constant scatter often leaves us feeling stressed, anxious, and on edge. Sometimes it doesn’t seem likeContinue reading “3 Simple and Quick Exercises to Find More Calm Today”