How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome

I don’t like the term imposter syndrome. I feel labels are important to help us communicate and understand each other. But here’s why I feel the term “imposter syndrome” is doing us a disservice. And what to do about “imposter syndrome”, so you feel more empowered to share your gifts. To be clear my focusContinue reading “How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome”

Get Clear On Your Super Power

It’s a super power to be really clear on what clients, messaging and mission feels energizing to you vs what depletes you. Clearly, this is one of the most freeing realizations… Accepting that everyone isn’t for you and you aren’t for everyone. If you’re unsure of what your unique genius is and the people youContinue reading “Get Clear On Your Super Power”

Moving From Anxiety To Power In Your Business

Do you want to turn your anxiety to power in your business? I got you some thoughts on how to start doing this. Are you the person that loves recommending songs and restaurants to friends… But freezes when it’s time to share your own creations? Or maybe the thought of selling your offer makes youContinue reading “Moving From Anxiety To Power In Your Business”

This Makes You A Magnet For Your People ⚡️

Do you ever wonder what makes you a magnet for people? How comfortable are you with sharing your uniqueness? I’ve learned this is one of the biggest factors in your growth as a person and with your business. Let me explain… I looked at some of my old content and it felt informative, but alsoContinue reading “This Makes You A Magnet For Your People ⚡️”

Turn Your Creations Into A Business

Are you having a hard time turning your creations into business? Today I want to share one of the simplest and most effective business models to build a 6 figure+ business as an online creator. But first I want to shoutout some recent client wins. So you know what’s possible: — Jackie went from unclearContinue reading “Turn Your Creations Into A Business”

When a Lesson Smacks You In Your Face…

You ever want to do something. But then instead of doing it your mind tells you why your idea sucks, and the 1000 things you need to do to make it better? And a lesson smacks in your face. (Or is that just me? 🤔) Anyways, if you can relate, then you know how muchContinue reading “When a Lesson Smacks You In Your Face…”

How To Overcome Blocks To Your Desire

This realization can help you have more compassion for yourself and overcome blocks to living the life you want. The Big Realization? We often don’t have what we want because there’s a part of us that doesn’t want it. What do I mean by this? Maybe on a conscious level you want it. But deepContinue reading “How To Overcome Blocks To Your Desire”

How To Have Prospects Sell Themselves

Often you maybe asking yourself, “How do I have prospects sell themselves? Yet, I don’t want to be salesy!” That’s a common worry I hear my clients share. And it leads them to hold back on sharing their magic. Can you relate? I’ve noticed people often feel this way based on the idea in theirContinue reading “How To Have Prospects Sell Themselves”

The Power Of Your Self-Image

Do you know the power of your self-image? I want to share something to remind you of your potential. It’s about how my former client, Brittany, grew her business by transforming the image she had of herself and how you could apply the helpful concept to support your own growth.​ Brittany shares in this YouTubeContinue reading “The Power Of Your Self-Image”

A Gift To Transform Limiting Beliefs 🎁

Yo family! I got something that’s gonna make you mad attractive…Smoking hot! And I’m not just talking about looks here. I’m talking about a way to shift your internal world, so your desires come to you; Your mind encouraging you to make progress on your dreams instead of creating more fear and doubt;​Feeling confident andContinue reading “A Gift To Transform Limiting Beliefs 🎁”