How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome

I don’t like the term imposter syndrome.

I feel labels are important to help us communicate and understand each other.

But here’s why I feel the term “imposter syndrome” is doing us a disservice.

And what to do about “imposter syndrome”, so you feel more empowered to share your gifts.

To be clear my focus of today’s writing is for you if you have an expertise.

You’ve invested a lot of time and energy into developing that expertise, but you still feel not good enough or have resistance to sharing it.

I know that’s what a lot of people are referring to when they speak about imposter syndrome.

Of course, there also is the case where you are a beginner…and things feel new and chaotic, so you’re hesitant to share because you’re still establishing your foundation.

That is different.

And I’m not focusing on your specific situation.

But I encourage you to still keep reading because this will benefit you either way.

So yeah…imposter syndrome.

I’ve experienced it.

And it’s something many of my clients have too.

They’re great at what they do and often feel confident in 1 on 1 situations with people they’re helping.

But when it comes time to sell or to share their work on social media they freeze up.

I’m super familiar with this too.

I’m a 5/1 Projector in Human Design. 

My literal make up is to go deep on many topics, develop mastery, and guide others in my own unique way.

But, for a long time, I’d hesitate to talk about things like sales, marketing, and money on social media.

And I wouldn’t share my depth around emotions and healing.

Even though these were things I was super curious about, studying and helping others with 1 on 1.

Wtf was going on here?

Many would call it “imposter syndrome”—some psychological phenomenon.🙃

But I dislike that term because I feel it brushes over what’s really happening and treats the “syndrome” as if it’s a random “illness”.

When in reality what’s happening is a perfectly normal response.

What we call “imposter syndrome” is really just the manifestation of a relational wound.

In 1 on 1 situations, where someone has opted into your guidance, it feels safer to be your full self.

But there also is a part of you that got the message at some point in your life that your fullness wasn’t acceptable or appreciated.

Whether it was your sexuality, your curiosity, your sensitivity, your humanity, etcYou got the message that making mistakes, “talking too much”, or being yourself would be met with rejection, criticism or removal of love.

This often happens in your younger years at home or in school with bullies or in other relationships.

And so when it comes time for us to share our fullness online or to strangers where there’s the possibility of rejection, the body goes into protection mode…

  • Resistance
  • numbing
  • distraction
  • procrastination
  • critical thoughts
  • the need to be perfect
  • the need to wear a mask
  • dimming your light
  • etc.

And we call it “imposter syndrome” and treat ourselves once again like something is wrong with us.

While really this is a deeply intelligent response from our system to help us survive.

If “talking too much” meant you got yelled at by a parent, it’d make sense for your body to keep you from sharing.

So what do we do it about?I’d say start with looking at what’s really going and not treating it like some personality trait.

  • What situations trigger you?
  • How’s your body responding?
  • What are the associated thoughts?
  • What behaviors follow?

Can you see the wisdom here and acknowledge it?


Now it’s time to show yourself everything that wasn’t allowed before is acceptable now.

Can you give yourself permission to like what you like, share what excites you, and create what you want to create?


Once we make that decision the real work starts.

One of the most helpful things you can do is compassionately speak to the part of you that is feeling anxious/uncomfortable.

And it can help to imagine it’s a younger version of you.

Inner-child work bb.

Ask that part what it want’s to express.

Acknowledge it.

Ask it what it needs.

Acknowledge it.

Give them what they need—to be felt, to be heard, to be loved, permission to use their voice, appreciation of their effort, protection, etc.

Realize the separation between your “awareness”—the observer

And the part of you that’s experiencing the discomfort or responding to the prompts.

You are no longer the younger version of you that’s suffering.

You are the observer of them.

That distance is important to regain your power.

There’s a lot more I can share and if you want to go deeper, I’d love to support you.

Reply to this email letting me know you connected with what I shared and want to chat more.

Sending you lots of love,



Get Clear On Your Super Power

It’s a super power to be really clear on what clients, messaging and mission feels energizing to you vs what depletes you.

Clearly, this is one of the most freeing realizations…

Accepting that everyone isn’t for you and you aren’t for everyone.

If you’re unsure of what your unique genius is and the people you feel most called to serve.

If you’re unsure of what differentiates you and makes you most magnetic,

I want to share 2 things with you that can help.

Many people have come to me that were unsure about their “niche”.

And often after chatting for 20 minutes they respond with things like “omg, I’ve been trying to figure this out for so long and you just gave me so much clarity.” or “wow, I have goosebumps, this feels like so much truth.”

And a big part of why people struggle to get clear on their positioning in their transformation business is because they’re approaching it mostly from the mind and what they “think” would work or they have relational wounds that make them overlook their value.

But the truth is you’re gifted.

There’s already a unique genius coded in you that allows you create solutions to big problems in a way that no one else can.

And I’ve developed a framework to help you get clear on this.

So you can feel even more harmony and expansion in your business and life.

It’s called the Unique Genius Framework, which combines your mind, body and soul.

It’s been a big help for me and my clients to double down on what makes us most magnetic and energized.

Because the foundation of your business requires that you know who you want to help and the problem you’re solving.

And you’re able to take this to the next level when you highlight your uniqueness in the process.

With my clients we also work in Human Design as well to help affirm things and get even more clarity on their Unique Genius.

This stuff gets me so juiced up.

I love when powerful people are able to see themselves more and serve from that place.

So I want to share 2 vids that I dropped on my Instagram recently

  1. This one helps you get clear on your unique genius so you can attract aligned clients
  2. And this one helps you work through the blocks to owning your unique genius. So you can heal and expand your business in ways you want to.

And if you’re feeling called to go through the process of brainstorming on your unique genius together,

I’d love to support you.

Reply to this email with the word “genius” and we’ll set up a time to do a free chat where we dive in together.

Sending you lots of love,



Moving From Anxiety To Power In Your Business

Do you want to turn your anxiety to power in your business?

I got you some thoughts on how to start doing this.

Are you the person that loves recommending songs and restaurants to friends…

But freezes when it’s time to share your own creations?

Or maybe the thought of selling your offer makes you cringe?

Why is that?

Often people interpret this as being stuck, not liking selling, or the timing being wrong.

But most of the time there’s something deeper going on…

I shared a insight into what’s going on and what to do about it. So you can share your creations with the same enthusiasm that you share your favorite TV show.

In addition to what I share in this email, you can also check out this 1 minute YouTube video, where my former client, Taylor, talks about the impact this process had on her and her business.

Here’s the part most people are confused about:

The anxiety that feels like it’s holding you back is often a “protector”

It’s protecting you from feeling what’s underneath it, which is often emotions like sadness, grief, fear, and anger from times you may have been rejected, abandoned, criticized, made to feel like you weren’t enough etc.

So instead of putting you in a situation where you might experience the same pain again, your body uses strategies like anxiety and numbing to protect you.

But that same “protector” once acknowledged and loved also offers a portal for you to create healing and expansion.

It offers you the opportunity to create more internal security. So that one person saying “no” would not mean to you as “I’m a failure and a bad person”

And it also offers you the opportunity to open to the love, money, and acknowledgment that more aligned people want to give to you.

The key is to:

  1. Bring attention to the sensation in the body (anxiety, numbing, etc)
  2. Acknowledge it and thank it for protecting you. (it was likely very necessary at one point in your life
  3. Let your body know you’re open to the wisdom and the feelings that are beneath the protector
  4. Meet what comes to the surface with love and feel it, instead of intellectualizing it
  5. Connect with the deeper love you have for yourself and extend compassion for all the ways your body and mind has helped you survive
  6. Reframe your relationship to the situation that used to trigger you, so you can respond in a more empowering way

It’s a beautiful thing to create inner safety, knowing, and prosperity that helps you own your power and create the growth and impact you want in your business.

If this is speaking to you and you want to chat more about how I can help you and your business, reply with the word “freedom”

Sending you lots of love!



This Makes You A Magnet For Your People ⚡️

Do you ever wonder what makes you a magnet for people? How comfortable are you with sharing your uniqueness?

I’ve learned this is one of the biggest factors in your growth as a person and with your business.

Let me explain…

I looked at some of my old content and it felt informative, but also too nice and a bit boring.

The issue?

I was trying to make things for everybody.

What’s most energizing to me at the moment is helping creators access freedom through transforming limiting beliefs into empowering ones and building online service-based businesses around their interests/skills.

I go deep with both the internal work and business related work with my clients.

But I held back from sharing a lot of the marketing and sales related content publicly. 

Part of that was because:

  1. I know my work can help everyone, so I didn’t want to exclude people
  2. I needed to work through feelings of worthiness
  3. I was too attached to my identity as the wellness guy

And a BIG BIG part was because I wanted more people to like me…

So I shared things that could speak to everyone instead of my specific target person.

But I want to tell you why going for everyone isn’t the best approach as a creator.

A misconception people often have in business is that if you go for everyone you’ll attract more customers.

And if you hone in on a specific target person you’ll limit the growth in your business.

But what I’ve found, and what I’ve learned from my mentors is that the opposite is true.

When you highlight more of what makes you unique and focus in on the specific people that feel most energizing to you, you become magnetic to those people.

Because you become a specialist for them and you help them feel seen and understood.

When you direct your energy towards everyone, you’re less magnetic and end up attracting people that aren’t the best fit.

Owning what makes you unique takes you from being a small fish in a big pond to a big fish in a little pond.

​Of course, that also means you have to be okay with turning some people away.

But it lets you own curiosities and lets your ideal customer know you’re the right person for them.

This small shift is what’s allowing me to build my biz to 6 figures this year and is gonna be a major factor in attracting more of my people.

So I’m gonna be sharing a lot more marketing and sales related content.

I’ll still share the mindset and well-being content because my philosophy is that the external world is just a reflection of your internal world.

But the focus behind that content will be to help you own your power, share your ideas and build an online biz around things you care about.

If those things align with you, I’m happy to be of service.

If it’s not for you, feel free to unsubscribe—all love family.

Let me know if this lands.

Do you feel called to own more of what makes you unique?

Lots of love amigo!


Turn Your Creations Into A Business

Are you having a hard time turning your creations into business?

Today I want to share one of the simplest and most effective business models to build a 6 figure+ business as an online creator.

But first I want to shoutout some recent client wins. So you know what’s possible:

— Jackie went from unclear on the focus of her offer and hesitant to share with others to $30k generated in a little over 2 months

  • 6 new aligned clients, a no brainer offer, releasing limiting beliefs and stepping more into her power to serve others

— Ilana moved through a period of self doubt and had her first $10k month.

— Rustin raised his prices for new and old clients and feels more confident to own his value.

— Kat went from unsure she could help others to bringing on her first client and feeling like this:

— Mora is opening her heart to the discomfort of owning her power, letting go of perfectionism and attracted her first client.

— Brittany is working through limiting money beliefs, 10x her prices, brought on 3 aligned clients and has a 4th starting in about a month.

And there are more…

Everyone’s consciousness and aligned action has expanded as they’ve confronted insecurities, wounds and limiting beliefs.

Now I want to share a little about the business model I mentioned above from just creations in mind.

Consequently, one main problem online creators have is they’re unsure how to build a profitable business around the things they love learning about, helping people with and creating.

I’ve been there too…

But a biz model that makes this simpler is a high ticket online service.

Why’s this one of the best business models for online creators?

You get to build a business around things you probably already do for free.

Additionally, the work can be purposeful.

It takes very little money to start (All you need is a clear offer, a Calendly link and a Zoom account, which are all free)

Very good margins (over 97% because there are very little costs)

You can start quickly.

You don’t need a lot of customers (You can create a no brainer offer and charge between $1500 – $5000+)

How’s this possible?

So, there are 2 main buckets that a high ticket online services falls under and a third that’s a hybrid of the two:

Done for you skill

First, there is Transformation:

You’ve transformed your health, wealth, relationships or status and help another person that has the same dream outcome get a similar transformation.

For example:

You’ve learned how to process the trauma and manage the challenges that come with child birth and now you help other new parents navigate their birthing experiences.

You’ve learned how to transform knee pain and develop a more empowering mindset and now you help a specific person that wants that same transformation.

These types of services are often referred to as coaching, mentoring, consulting.

Then, second, there’s the “Done For You Skill”:

There are 30+ online skills that are super valuable to help other businesses grow.

These can be things like sales, graphic design, animation, Facebook Ads, copywriting, social media management etc.

This is more of an agency approach (think what Gary Vaynerchuck has built around his appreciation for marketing)

And then there’s more of a hybrid model that includes a done for you service along with the transformational component.

So if you can help a person with a specific dream outcome:

transform health related pain
make an investment that has a 10x return on their wealth
transform pain in their relationships
have the self-esteem/status they want

These are super valuable things people will want to invest $1500 – $5000+ for when you position it the right way. (People literally pay $1000+ for Gucci shoes—aka self-esteem/status)

Most creators undercharge for the value they’re giving to others.

But to be clear, while the business model is simple, it’s not some get rich quick scheme.

Tbh 20% of biz growth is knowledge/strategy and the other 80% takes real work and courage to move through your fears and limiting beliefs so you take aligned action.

Plus if you’re doing it for the wrong reasons you may end up feeling even more unfulfilled.

But if you want to expand as a person, create financial freedom doing work you care about and serve others in a fulfilling way then the business model I mentioned above is a great way to start.

Want help creating your own high ticket offer so it’s a no brainer for your people and turning your wonderful creations into a successful business?

Reply with the word “brainstorm” and we can jam on that together.

And if you’re just curious to hear more reply with any questions you have.

In service to your liberation,


When a Lesson Smacks You In Your Face…

You ever want to do something. But then instead of doing it your mind tells you why your idea sucks, and the 1000 things you need to do to make it better? And a lesson smacks in your face.

(Or is that just me? 🤔)

Anyways, if you can relate, then you know how much this slows you down and makes you jump through hoops until the idea is “ready”. (Read as: took way more time and stress than it needed to)

And that’s not fun or good for the spirit or good for the people that need your impact.

So I’m gonna share 1 thing that’s often at the root of this pattern, so you can create things with way more ease. Cool? 

This one BIG lesson keeps coming up for me.

I remember when I had my first event for my first company, Innerglow.

We charged $16 per person.

I was like, “yo if people are paying me $16 whole dollars then they need a 3 hour, jam packed transformative event.”

Of course, I quickly learned people would much rather we cut the time in half and give them the same impact.

Plus they were willing to pay even more for less time. 

And my mind was like, “wait— I can DO LESSSSSS and still create something I was proud of that had a huge impact?”

But you know how lessons are—they need some time to integrate.

So after a few years of being consistent with a weekly newsletter.

It started to feel like a lot, even though I love sharing my ideas with people, and receive lovely replies when I send it (thanks your messages mean a lot)

But I realized, what slowed me down was thinking it needed to be such a big thing.

Like honestly, I looked back at some of my old emails. I laughed cause they could’ve been like 4 separate emails haha.

But what is underneath it all?

From my experience and working with clients going through the same stuff, I realized it often comes down to self worth.

A part of you doesn’t feel worthy, so you feel you need to do more and more and more…ugh exhausting.

Truth is—no one wants a long ass email or a marathon of a course or cares that you spent 3 months on Canva perfecting your logo.

They just want you and your energy.

In its most imperfect way.

Because it’s valuable.

It’s life changing.

And it’s more than enough.

So my friend, can you give yourself permission to do less? (Read as: own your worthiness and show up as your amazing self)

Let me know if this lands for you.



P.S. If you make educational content or are a service provider and want to let go of limiting beliefs + package your knowledge, so you can grow your income doing work you love and having a lesson smacks right in your face, reply to this email with the word “brainstorm” and we can talk through email about a plan to make that happen.


How To Overcome Blocks To Your Desire

This realization can help you have more compassion for yourself and overcome blocks to living the life you want.

The Big Realization?

We often don’t have what we want because there’s a part of us that doesn’t want it.

What do I mean by this?

Maybe on a conscious level you want it.

But deep down there’s a part of you that has resistance to receiving it.

For example

In your business, you prob want to receive more money, and as a creator you prob want to feel appreciated for your work.

If you agree that’s true, I want you to now imagine this scenario:Someone randomly gives you an uncomfortably large amount of money because they value your creations.What comes up?In my experience and with a lot of my clients there are thoughts like:

  • “I don’t deserve this.”
  • “This came too easy, I didn’t work hard enough for this.”
  • “I don’t think what I create is this valuable, so I feel guilty receiving this much.”

In other words, your unconscious feelings and beliefs are clashing with what you say you want.Notice where else this pattern comes up.

The ego wants to feel safe in it’s identity, so anything that’s different than what it’s used to can feel like a threat.


Feel the resistance in the body.

Breathe into it some more.

Give your mind compassion for trying to keep you safe, but let go of the story.

You are safe.

You can receive.

If you found this helpful, and want support with working through these blocks, so you can make progress on your biz and life hit reply and let’s chat.

Big love,


P.S. Look out next week for a powerful visualization guide and practice that will help you transform and overcome these blocks into supportive energy.


How To Have Prospects Sell Themselves

Often you maybe asking yourself, “How do I have prospects sell themselves? Yet, I don’t want to be salesy!”

That’s a common worry I hear my clients share.

And it leads them to hold back on sharing their magic.

Can you relate?

I’ve noticed people often feel this way based on the idea in their head about what it means to sell.

So I’m gonna share a different way to approach sales.

So you can make the process empowering, helpful, easier and bring more income into your biz.

This approach helped me go from having 25% to about 75% of people I have calls with say they want to work with me.

And here’s what one client who disliked sales calls said, after she watched a training that mentioned some of what is included in this email.

But first lets use our imagination:

What image comes to mind for you when you hear the word salesy?

Prob someone with lots of pressure, crazy claims and low integrity.

It feels slimy.

Not the person you’re trying to be.

So here’s a better approach to sales!

Instead of convincing someone you can help them.

Show them you can help them by actually helping them.

And this doesn’t mean you need to do something crazy or exhaust yourself.

We can make it simple.

Here’s the process:

1st— own your worth and the special sauce you’re here to share with people.

2nd —ask questions to help the person highlight the feelings, beliefs, habits and information creating their current situation and then…the feelings, beliefs, habits and information that create their dream outcome.

3rd — once they have more clarity on the gap between where they are and where they want to be, help them close the gap.

This doesn’t mean you close to whole gap, but help them take a step.

Share value, your process a method that offers them:
– more clarity
– awareness of a possibility
– a helpful plan
– an intention a next step an insight.

In other words help them create momentum.

As a result, the person will sell themselves because they’re able to see you as a solution to help them close the gap.

And in the process you’ll feel better because you are able to help the person in a way that feels empowering.

Want more help?

If you know you’re holding yourself back and want to create a plan so you can show up in a way that feels good and grows your biz reply with the word “ready” and we can do a free call to help you go beyond where you’ve stopped before.

P.S.The free visualization guide I mentioned a week ago is complete.

Just finalizing a couple things for the launch, but I’ll be sharing it with you very very soon.

It’s magical stuff. Get excited!

Read more at:

The Power Of Your Self-Image

Do you know the power of your self-image?

I want to share something to remind you of your potential.

It’s about how my former client, Brittany, grew her business by transforming the image she had of herself and how you could apply the helpful concept to support your own growth.​

Brittany shares in this YouTube video a bit about how she went from:

  • limiting money beliefs
  • unsure of how to package her knowledge and skills into a no brainer offer
  • lack of clarity on her unique message


  • more safety to charge and receive money
  • an offer she’s confident in and that people want
  • 5 aligned clients

But to make this most helpful to you, I want to tell you about 1 big thing that unlocked Britt’s growth.

So let’s start with a little reflection…

What comes after the statement “I am” for you?

Consequently, one of the main things that holds creators back is their identity.

You may think of yourself as

  • “the social justice person”
  • “the helper”
  • “the nice boy”
  • “the introvert”

Or another label you’ve adopted.

Often you won’t even be aware of the label, but it will be an unconscious belief that impacts you.

And this limits you if your ego doesn’t feel comfortable with the new actions you want to take.

For example if your identity is, “I am the person that holds everything together for others,” you’re going to have resistance to putting your own needs first.

A big focus of my work with Britt was shifting identities that made it hard for her to feel good about money.

Because if you feel like money is a bad thing, then you’ll reject it.

So we used a combination of hypnotherapy, visualization, and reflective questioning to adopt new beliefs that served her mission and business.

And when we combined that with the right strategy work and Britt’s courage and unique gifts…

She was able to make the progress she wanted as a person and in her biz.

So I encourage to be mindful of any identities you’ve internalized that aren’t helping you.

Know that you get to decide how you see yourself and if a belief isn’t empowering, you have the capacity to change it.

Lastly understand the power of your self-image.

Click here to watch Britt share about her experience.

And if you feel your mindset and strategy aren’t helping your service based business grow as much as you want.

And you’re ready to do something about. 

Reply with the word “brainstorm” to chat and see if I can help you.

In service to your liberation,


P.S. I’ll be emailing you shortly about the free Visualization Guide that’ll help your “I am” statements be more encouraging.

It’s gonna be super helpful for you.

A Gift To Transform Limiting Beliefs 🎁

Yo family!

I got something that’s gonna make you mad attractive…Smoking hot!

And I’m not just talking about looks here.

I’m talking about a way to shift your internal world, so your desires come to you;

Your mind encouraging you to make progress on your dreams instead of creating more fear and doubt;

Feeling confident and in gratitude as you make progress with your online business;

Lastly, overcoming limiting beliefs and resistance in your body, so you can go beyond where you’ve stopped before.

It’s my FREE “See It, Be It, Build It” Visualization Guide + Video Training Series.

​Click the link above to grab it while it’s hot.

Forreaaal the stuff I share in this free guide has changed my life and the life of my clients.

I’m talking more emotional freedom, income, courage, self-love, And courageous action.

So, a quick sneak peak of the value:

Yesterday, I told my therapist I felt resistant to certain levels of love and receiving because deep down there was a belief that I was a bad person.

Trauma baby!

But this is something I know is not true on a logical level.

And I’ve made A LOT of progress with it.

Now when my ego tries to sabotage my relationship or business, I’m able to use my awareness to create distance from the instrusive thoughts.

And I can coach myself to calm my nervous system, process emotions and affirm the good things about me.

But the problem with this is I was staying at the surface level.

I was focusing mostly on the thoughts.

But to really make change we need to give attention to the beliefs and feelings.

Because those are what are underneath the thoughts.

Consequently your unconscious beliefs and feelings lead to 95% of your thoughts, which leads to your actions.

So, as you can imagine, it’s not great if a belief that the younger me had is that I was a bad person.

But yesterday something in me shifted.

We used visualization to connect with my younger self, shift some of my memories, and change my beliefs at the subconscious level.

There was some real healing that took place. Wow.

I credit visualization to a lot of the progress I’ve made in my business over the last year.

And the “See It, Be It, Build It” Visualization guide is focused on helping you overcome limiting beliefs and attract the success you want with your business.

I wanted to talk about my therapy session yesterday because it was the first time I used visualization to target this feeling of “being a bad person” and I was blown away.

Now I’m more open to receiving love.

And if we’re connecting this back to business, being able to receive love and being able to receive money are really like the same thing…

But that’s a story for another day…

So whether you want more love, freedom, money, overcoming limiting beliefs and feelings is what’s going to allow you to make the most progress.

That’s what my visualization guide will help you do so you can be a magnet for your desires.

Access it here with one click.

Lots of love,


P.S. I also started a free Telegram channel where I’ll be sharing daily value to help you grow your mindset, emotional freedom and online business.

 Join the Telegram channel here.