The Power Of Your Self-Image

Do you know the power of your self-image?

I want to share something to remind you of your potential.

It’s about how my former client, Brittany, grew her business by transforming the image she had of herself and how you could apply the helpful concept to support your own growth.​

Brittany shares in this YouTube video a bit about how she went from:

  • limiting money beliefs
  • unsure of how to package her knowledge and skills into a no brainer offer
  • lack of clarity on her unique message


  • more safety to charge and receive money
  • an offer she’s confident in and that people want
  • 5 aligned clients

But to make this most helpful to you, I want to tell you about 1 big thing that unlocked Britt’s growth.

So let’s start with a little reflection…

What comes after the statement “I am” for you?

Consequently, one of the main things that holds creators back is their identity.

You may think of yourself as

  • “the social justice person”
  • “the helper”
  • “the nice boy”
  • “the introvert”

Or another label you’ve adopted.

Often you won’t even be aware of the label, but it will be an unconscious belief that impacts you.

And this limits you if your ego doesn’t feel comfortable with the new actions you want to take.

For example if your identity is, “I am the person that holds everything together for others,” you’re going to have resistance to putting your own needs first.

A big focus of my work with Britt was shifting identities that made it hard for her to feel good about money.

Because if you feel like money is a bad thing, then you’ll reject it.

So we used a combination of hypnotherapy, visualization, and reflective questioning to adopt new beliefs that served her mission and business.

And when we combined that with the right strategy work and Britt’s courage and unique gifts…

She was able to make the progress she wanted as a person and in her biz.

So I encourage to be mindful of any identities you’ve internalized that aren’t helping you.

Know that you get to decide how you see yourself and if a belief isn’t empowering, you have the capacity to change it.

Lastly understand the power of your self-image.

Click here to watch Britt share about her experience.

And if you feel your mindset and strategy aren’t helping your service based business grow as much as you want.

And you’re ready to do something about. 

Reply with the word “brainstorm” to chat and see if I can help you.

In service to your liberation,


P.S. I’ll be emailing you shortly about the free Visualization Guide that’ll help your “I am” statements be more encouraging.

It’s gonna be super helpful for you.

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