Why 99% of People Are Scared of Success

Are you scared of success?

This was a question that came to me 2 months ago, and surprisingly my answer was yes.

It kinda shook me because I was like, “Why would I deny myself of the life I want?”

But I realized the hard part about being successful…

And when I say successful, I mean aligned with your values. Be a vessel for the messages you need to deliver and own your full power.

Share the energy that is pouring out of you, even with fear. I mean honoring the curiosity that’s begging you to tap into it.

The hard part about allowing this shift to happen is that then you have to TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR LIFE and ownership of your uniqueness and success.

And you wanna know the pain that comes with that?

You have to sit with and move through identities of being a victim and defined by a path someone else laid out, being small and being powerless.

Which requires several ego deaths, lots of letting go and lots of self-acceptance to hold space for that level of power.

So it makes sense why the majority of people avoid this and why my nervous system was resistant to making space for this newer version of me.

Since my initial question, what’s felt most empowering is to unlearn the shame that made me feel like I was bad, a burden, weird or too much because of my desires, my mistakes, my curiosity or the experiences that influenced me.

And when I sat with my inner child and asked him, “How can I acknowledge you?”

He responded back, “affirm the parts of me that are different, honor my intensities, let me play. Appreciate my imperfections.”

Woooooooo. What a message.

So if you too are feeling called to lean more into your power and success, I invite you to sit with the following 2 questions.

(And I encourage you to approach these questions without shame and without invalidating your trauma. But to lovingly acknowledge your power.)

  1. How have I participated in creating my current reality?
  2. What good fortune do I ignore or deflect as a way to maintain my identity of not-enoughness?

In service to your liberation 🙏🏾

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