Turn Your Creations Into A Business

Are you having a hard time turning your creations into business?

Today I want to share one of the simplest and most effective business models to build a 6 figure+ business as an online creator.

But first I want to shoutout some recent client wins. So you know what’s possible:

— Jackie went from unclear on the focus of her offer and hesitant to share with others to $30k generated in a little over 2 months

  • 6 new aligned clients, a no brainer offer, releasing limiting beliefs and stepping more into her power to serve others

— Ilana moved through a period of self doubt and had her first $10k month.

— Rustin raised his prices for new and old clients and feels more confident to own his value.

— Kat went from unsure she could help others to bringing on her first client and feeling like this:

— Mora is opening her heart to the discomfort of owning her power, letting go of perfectionism and attracted her first client.

— Brittany is working through limiting money beliefs, 10x her prices, brought on 3 aligned clients and has a 4th starting in about a month.

And there are more…

Everyone’s consciousness and aligned action has expanded as they’ve confronted insecurities, wounds and limiting beliefs.

Now I want to share a little about the business model I mentioned above from just creations in mind.

Consequently, one main problem online creators have is they’re unsure how to build a profitable business around the things they love learning about, helping people with and creating.

I’ve been there too…

But a biz model that makes this simpler is a high ticket online service.

Why’s this one of the best business models for online creators?

You get to build a business around things you probably already do for free.

Additionally, the work can be purposeful.

It takes very little money to start (All you need is a clear offer, a Calendly link and a Zoom account, which are all free)

Very good margins (over 97% because there are very little costs)

You can start quickly.

You don’t need a lot of customers (You can create a no brainer offer and charge between $1500 – $5000+)

How’s this possible?

So, there are 2 main buckets that a high ticket online services falls under and a third that’s a hybrid of the two:

Done for you skill

First, there is Transformation:

You’ve transformed your health, wealth, relationships or status and help another person that has the same dream outcome get a similar transformation.

For example:

You’ve learned how to process the trauma and manage the challenges that come with child birth and now you help other new parents navigate their birthing experiences.

You’ve learned how to transform knee pain and develop a more empowering mindset and now you help a specific person that wants that same transformation.

These types of services are often referred to as coaching, mentoring, consulting.

Then, second, there’s the “Done For You Skill”:

There are 30+ online skills that are super valuable to help other businesses grow.

These can be things like sales, graphic design, animation, Facebook Ads, copywriting, social media management etc.

This is more of an agency approach (think what Gary Vaynerchuck has built around his appreciation for marketing)

And then there’s more of a hybrid model that includes a done for you service along with the transformational component.

So if you can help a person with a specific dream outcome:

transform health related pain
make an investment that has a 10x return on their wealth
transform pain in their relationships
have the self-esteem/status they want

These are super valuable things people will want to invest $1500 – $5000+ for when you position it the right way. (People literally pay $1000+ for Gucci shoes—aka self-esteem/status)

Most creators undercharge for the value they’re giving to others.

But to be clear, while the business model is simple, it’s not some get rich quick scheme.

Tbh 20% of biz growth is knowledge/strategy and the other 80% takes real work and courage to move through your fears and limiting beliefs so you take aligned action.

Plus if you’re doing it for the wrong reasons you may end up feeling even more unfulfilled.

But if you want to expand as a person, create financial freedom doing work you care about and serve others in a fulfilling way then the business model I mentioned above is a great way to start.

Want help creating your own high ticket offer so it’s a no brainer for your people and turning your wonderful creations into a successful business?

Reply with the word “brainstorm” and we can jam on that together.

And if you’re just curious to hear more reply with any questions you have.

In service to your liberation,

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