The Power Of Your Pain

Since you’re here, I’m gonna make an assumption… You want power in what you do.

You want to be a powerful creator.

But there are a ton of things that can feel like they’re working against you. Like:

  • generational trauma
  • bills
  • a society that prepares you to play a role and downplay your uniqueness
  • etc.

You want to turn your pain into your power.

So to help with this I want to explore an idea…

What if those things that feel like they’re blocks are actually your path?

This is an understanding I’ve been thinking about.

Because without this perspective life can feel hopeless, like you’re a victim and like you don’t have value to share.

Like you don’t have any power.

But my intention isn’t to downplay the pain, grief and suffering we experience in life.

Conversely I want to consider the value of accepting discomfort instead of rejecting it. 

Because we learn so much from pain, but often in society we demonize painful experiences.

Someone dm’d me on Tik Tok to ask me where I got a lot of the wisdom from that I share.

My main response was that it comes from trauma and processing pain.

And I imagine that’s true for you as well. 

It’s one thing to read something in a book, it’s another thing to feel the experience yourself.

And here are some other beautiful things that come from accepting pain:

  • You can connect better with your body and your intuition
  • You can let go of the shame that you may associate with feelings
  • And the BIG idea I want to share is that you can expand your capacity to be resourceful, make an impact and receive

In my experience the things I go through fuel the fire of my mission, help me to be more creative and improve my ability to help others.

So now when things feel like they’re falling apart, I’m able to tell myself that it’s really just creating space for my expansion.

Which helps me surrender to the experience and practice faith, instead of freaking out and trying to control everything.

And when things settle I’m able to see what I thought was a mess really turned out to be my message.

The pain is able to be transformed into something that helps me and others.

So if this is landing for you, I’d love to hear.

Where would like to embrace discomfort in your life and business?

Sending love,



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