If You’re Still Scared To Be Seen…

Scared to be seen? Scared to live? What do you do once you wake up? And see the ways you lived aren’t how you’re meant to live or want to live… And realize your “personality” is really coping strategies you adopted to survive? Because you’ve been put in a box that told you be theContinue reading “If You’re Still Scared To Be Seen…”

How To Like Yourself More (And Grow At The Same Time)

As ambitious people, we often think about ways we want to grow. But can only focusing on things you want to change, do more harm than good? That’s been a BIG question for me of late. And here’s what I realized: You may think you need to beat yourself up to be effective and grow asContinue reading “How To Like Yourself More (And Grow At The Same Time)”

Benefits of Being Cringy

Have you ever been cringy? Have you ever cringed when you heard your voice out loud or saw yourself on video? What about when you think about an awkward memory? I remember I was pissed and sad after the 2016 election and I shared a long post on my Facebook (wow been a minute sinceContinue reading “Benefits of Being Cringy”