Release limiting beliefs and bring your ideas to life without burnout.

A digital dashboard that helps the voice in your head support you instead of holding you back and gives you the structure to follow through on your ideas without neglecting your wellbeing.

Fellow creator,
There's a fire burning inside you.
You have ideas you want to give to the world and future customers in need of your value, BUT...

You have thoughts that make you doubt yourself

You can’t stop thinking about the problems you want to solve and the ideas you want to create, but there’s another voice telling you, you can’t do itit’s too hard or you’re an imposter, which makes you question yourself, be inconsistent and hold back on your full value.

You're jumping from task to task, feel overwhelmed and don't get much done

You crave the freedom that comes with sharing your passion and being your own boss, but it feels like there’s always too much to do, your work is spread across too many tools and you have numerous days where you don’t do any of the things you intended to.

You struggle to balance work with taking care of yourself

You want to feel good and live a healthy life, yet your afternoon walk, gym date and rest time consistently gets squeezed by work, leaving you disconnected, burnt out and less inspired.

You know there's a better way.
But here's an important truth to accept first...

You don't rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems.

Without addressing your subconscious thoughts
and bringing a holistic focus to the different areas in your
life and business you will continue to:

And this is not because you're lazy, aren't good enough or don't want to show up in your full power

It's simply because:

1) Creating something new is challenging


2) 95% of thoughts and decisions are led by the unconscious mind

So your mind will default to what’s most comfortable and old patterns of behavior, which often keeps you from making the progress you want in your personal life and business.


Without the right structures to act as guardrails, you’re at the mercy of old beliefs and your mind’s desire for quick dopamine hits.

But there's a better way than running your life on auto pilot and being a victim to your old programming...

The Creator Dashboard is the exact system I used to build a daily writing habit, build a consistent design practice, and share multiple pieces of content each day, which all helped me grow my confidence and business. 


These were all things I struggled to be consistent with for 3 years before developing the systems in the Creator Dashboard.


The Creator Dashboard also helped me improve harmful behavior patterns like saying yes when I meant no and mindless social media scrolling because the system made it easy for me to be aware of how I used my time and reflect on my patterns during the day.


What’s possible for you if you did more of the things that helped your life/business and less of the things that hurt them?

Here's What One Creator Had to Say:

Danny Patka

Men's Coach

“Actual game changer!

For the longest time I craved a system to simplify my work, ideas, projects, only to be consistently disappointed by what’s out there. 

This left me with a disorganized collection of apple notes, stickies, and reminders to get things done. The reality was, so much didn’t get done with haphazard processes.

The Creator Dashboard is different. 

It offers an experience that actually makes me want to use it. Makes me want to create. 

I’m learning creativity requires structure in order to flourish, and for me, this system provides straightforward guidelines to allow me to flow in my work.

Ready to eliminate the chaos of too many tools, get clear on your business and life priorities, and upgrade your limiting beliefs?

The Creator Dashboard offers a simple system to help you create the life you want


Clarify and organize your business and life priorities

Without structure and intention, life feels like it’s pulling you around and just throwing random things at you. 


Ever have days where you wake up without a clear plan and waste time searching for files, scrolling social media and responding to other people’s “emergencies”? 


Eliminate unnecessary stress with our holistic system that lets you stay clear on what deserves your attention, bring more awareness to harmful patterns and keep your most important ideas in one place, so you can spend more time creating the life you want, instead of putting out fires that could have been avoided.

Creator Dashboard Image


Shed limiting beliefs

The difference between someone who makes progress towards a goal and someone who doesn’t is their attention and level of belief. 


Within the Creator Dashboard you’ll create your own personal manifesto in 5 minutes to keep your main vision top of mind, and then you can pair your vision with our 5 minute signature visualization exercise to turn thoughts like “I can’t do that” to “Wow, I feel so powerful and know I can accomplish whatever I put my mind to.” 


Create daily with ease

No longer will you forget that big idea that came to you right before bed or have your ideas float away when your hit of inspiration is gone. 


Instead you can use the dedicated parts of the Creator Dashboard to store ideas, keep track of things you’re learning and organize swipe files for inspiration. 


Then when you’re ready to create, use our simple creation system to eliminate overthinking, so you can focus on creating the content that follows your curiosity, grows your audience and converts more customers for your business. 

"Exactly what I needed to get focused on what mattered most to me."

Gly Gabriel

Creator and Transformation Coach

The Creator Dashboard is the perfect system
for the lean creative leader that wants to simplify their life,
take intentional action and grow beyond their limits, so they can
create in a way that's fun and fully expressed.

Here are the different areas you'll improve with the Creator Dashboard:







Get rid of the chaos of too many tools...

The Creator Dashboard is built on Notion and functions as an all-in-one workspace that can be accessed from your browser, the Notion desktop app and Notion iOS/android apps.

"Where attention goes, energy flows and creation occurs"

Create the life you desire by giving attention to what matters most to you.

Here's what other creators had to say:

Gly Gabriel

Transformation Coach and Creator

I’m prone to wanting to do everything now; however, I often get lost in my lofty dreams. The Dashboard created an amazing space & opportunity to get connected with my vision — not just the “what,” but more importantly the “why,” the feeling & heart of it all. From there, the Dashboard guided me to bring my vision down from the clouds to the ground by helping me specify the top goals, results, & actions I’ll focus on; the specific relationships I want to nurture; the daily habits that I want to do because they’ll lead me to everything I desire.

Michael Moriano

Agency Owner

The creator dashboard is excellent for high motion entrepreneurs. The focus on minimalism is very useful compared to elaborate productivity systems. I recommend this to anyone looking to get more clarity and integrate their personal depth into their work.

Syd Josaphat

Video Editor and Creator

A lot of times we hear and know we have to plan than execute, but most important is being able to organize yourself and this dashboard has provided me with just that!

Introducing The Creator Dashboard


We’re not a fan of unhappy money. If you aren’t satisfied with The Creator Dashboard after your purchase, just request a refund within 30 days at, and you’ll have your money returned to you no questions asked.

And because over delivering is our motto here are bonuses for you...

Created to help you follow through on the life you want to create

Bonus #1

"See it, Be it, Build It" Visualization Audio and Guide

Imagine what’s possible if your mind encourages you instead of discouraging you? This simple 5 minute visualization practice helps your mind shift from, “I’m not sure I can do this” to “Of course I can, it’s already done,” which allows you to follow through with aligned action.

Bonus #2

"Mindset Mastery" Training

Having a clear intention and structure to take action is great. But what about when your mind tries to stop you and keep you safe? This 10 minute “Mindset Mastery” guide helps you create a helpful plan to respond to your limiting beliefs, so you bring more awareness to them and can follow through with what’s best for you and your business.​

Bonus #3

"Embody Your Values" Training

The key to designing a life that feels good is knowing what you want. This powerful 10 minute exercise helps you clarify what’s most important to you and helps you create actionable intentions you can practice to live a life that feels good to you.

Transforming My Limiting Beliefs and Giving Myself Structure Changed My life, now I want to help change yours.

Hey, I’m Kyle!


To be honest I built the Creator Dashboard for myself. 


But it helped my life so much I wanted to get it in the hands of other creators.


3 years ago I was pushing hard on my first business, bringing meditation and deep connection to thousands of New Yorkers and to companies like the Whitney Museum and Warner Music.


In addition, Lululemon wanted to expand our partnership in NYC to their Chicago locations, and we had multiple interested investors.


Things looked good on the outside.


But on the inside, I hit a wall for the 3rd time in 2.5 years…


I was beyond exhausted, overwhelmed and neglecting my own self-care, even though the purpose of my company was to help others with their care. So I walked away.


After taking some time to get clear on my values and recharge, it was time to build again. But this time I wanted to do it differently.


I realized I was the biggest asset, which meant I needed to invest more in myself to get the most out my life and my mission.


That started with creating systems that allowed me to prevent burnout and be more efficient with my time, so I could follow my curiosities in ways that were enjoyable.


After too many days of not knowing where my time went, I honed in on the systems in the Creator Dashboard to help me easily build a writing habit, build a design habit, keep track of things I wanted to learn, be intentional about building aligned relationships, and bring more awareness to my behavior patterns that were hurting me.


This was a great start…But as I started making progress with building my personal brand and growing my current business, I realized a pattern where I’d have a couple focused weeks, and then follow them up with weeks of endless scrolling on Instagram, staying up later than I wanted and wasting time.


What was the cause of this sabotaging pattern? My limiting beliefs.


I realized to really make the sustainable progress I wanted, I had to reprogram my subconscious mind to feel more comfortable with new levels of success. Without that, I’d continue to slow down my progress.


So I learned how to change limiting beliefs through visualization and made it a core part of the Dashboard.


Within 6 months of practicing the “See It, Be It, Build It” Visualization, I grew 11k followers and got my business to $10k+ months in revenue.


Ya see, the most important parts of making progress on an intention are your level of focus and your level of belief.


The simple systems in the Creator Dashboard will help you hone in on both to create the life you want.


And it’s all yours for the same price as couple boxes of pizza. It’s hard to think of a better investment than that.


Still unsure?
Here are the main objections you might have in mind...


"Why can't I just use Google Docs? 🤔"

Google Docs are good for a single document or table. And Google Drive works well for storing files. But it still requires you to jump around between folders and it doesn't help you prioritize your different work and life focuses. The Creator Dashboard combines the best parts of Google Docs with task managers like Trello and then is baked in with habit science, tools to transform your mindset and systems to develop your wellbeing, relationships and business. We know real transformation starts from the inside out, so we prioritize that in the Creator Dashboard.


"But what if I work different than you? 🙃"

That’s fine. We're all a bit different. The nice thing is that everything in the Creator Dashboard is customizable, so you can make any changes that best suit your workflow. At its core though the Creator Dashboard will give you greater clarity and help you bring more attention to your work and life priorities.


"I already have my things in other places 😢"

I get it. Maybe your current system looks like a bunch of sticky notes on your wall. Or maybe you're combining multiple tools together. The great thing about Notion (The platform the Creator Dashboard is built on) is that you can easily embed docs, tables, and files from other apps like Asana, Trello, Dropbox and Google Drive. So you can have the benefit of having all of your work in one space with a little effort upfront that will save you lots of time and headaches in the future.


"I'm not sure I can keep up with this 😓"

Your Creator Dashboard can be accessed from your browser, the Notion iOS and android apps or a computer desktop app so it's always accessible. And if you currently don't make a plan for how you want to use your time or have a central place to keep track of your business and life priorities, you're the exact person this Dashboard was created for. Basic structure allows you to flow with a sense of ease in your day. The focus of the Creator Dashboard isn't for you to be endlessly checking things off, it's a foundation to help you create better and prioritize your time with what matters most to you. We made it all as simple as possible.

Let's Recap Everything You Get!

When you receive your Creator Dashboard, you'll have a full toolkit to develop your business, mindset, creations and relationships all in one place...

Got Questions? We Got Answers.

If you’re familiar with using Microsoft Word or Google Docs, the Creator Dashboard will be easy for you to use. There also is a 1 minute text guide and brief video walkthrough within the Dashboard that’ll guide you on everything you need to know.

No worries. We hate unhappy money. You’re backed by our 30 day money back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied, just email and we’ll rush your money back to you.

Yes! If you’re intentional about following your curiosities, developing your passions and growing as a person, the Creator Dashboard would still be super useful for you. You can use the systems in the Dashboard to develop your content, projects, relationships and wellbeing.

Yes! the Dashboard is totally customizable and functions as a basis for things creators would need to grow personally and with their business. Feel free to delete, replace or add in things that can be helpful for you. Within the Dashboard, there’s a guide that shows you how to make any changes you want.

The Creator Dashboard is ideal for the person that wants to have a central place to organize their ideas, pursue their curiosity and grow as a person. Much of the systems help you reflect on your patterns and be intentional about what you want in life, so you can create and live in a way that feels good to you.

If you don’t want to create things that align with your passions and interests then the Dashboard won’t be very helpful for you.

What Should You Expect?

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Here's Everything You Get

Creator Dashboard ($97 Value)

Bonus 1: Visualization Audio and Guide ($197 Value)

Bonus 3: Align Your Self Concept Training ($197 Value)

Bonus 2: Core Values 101 ($97 Value)

Total Value: $588

Today’s Price: $17

Imagine This Day: Your Kid Walks Up To You With a Book

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