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Sharing a lil story that will help you feel seen and understand this Masterclass.

But this is about so much more than just making money.

So enjoy!

“Omg. just bought a coffee and my bank paid for it for me. Lmao this is so wild.”

I sent this message to my girlfriend 3 weeks ago, shortly after landing in LA.

To give context I was on the way to an Evryman Men’s retreat in Joshua Tree.

And this was one of the most transformative weekends of my life.

I trusted I was being guided to attend the retreat.

But I was feeling conflicted in the months prior.

I was processing feelings of unsafety, emotional neglect and unworthiness from childhood.

And when these wounds got triggered my heart closed, my mind swirled with worst-case scenarios, and possibilities felt limited.

I felt like I needed to control things to be okay, which blocked me from fully giving and receiving.

Can you relate to feeling any of this?

You might be nodding your head, if during your younger years love felt conditional.

If there were a lot of the following:

Shaming, judgment, physical abuse, verbal abuse emotional neglect, inconsistency from the caretakers you looked to for safety, love and care.

Or if the adults around you were constantly stressed and living in survival mode.

If you connect with any of the above, you might find it hard to believe in your goodness, your capabilities, or that things can work out for you.

It might not seem possible to create the type of impact and wealth you want with your business.

But I’ve learned the blocks and wounds can actually be a big help for us.

They can offer more clarity on your uniqueness and purpose.

And they can be transformed into power, wisdom, and an openness that allows the spirit to flow through you.

An openness that allows us to be held, to give grace, to surrender, to receive more than we can imagine and to find appreciation for the darkness.

And this is the healing work I’ve done over the past few years.

It’s a process of teaching my nervous system that it’s safe to trust…

That I’m worthy of receiving all of the money and love, and that my unique genius is a valuable gift.

And it’s been such a blessing to share this wisdom and teachings with others. 

It’s some of what we covered in the “Clear Money Blocks & Attract More Wealth” Masterclass. 

​But let’s wrap this story.

This Men’s retreat reminded me that it was okay to trust and let go of control.

So here’s how things unfolded:

I set an intention to be involved in men’s work and shortly after I got sponsored to attend the retreat.

I rented a car and usually, when I do, I take the cheapest option.

But this time I said, “how do I want to feel?”

And I decided to rent an SUV that was the next level up.

When I got to the rental place they were out of my SUV, so they upgraded me to the next tier and gave me a fresh BMW.

Then I drove to get coffee and my bank paid for it. (the message I started this story with)

And then I had a weekend where I felt so held by Joshua Tree and the men at the retreat.

And I laughed because I almost didn’t go on the retreat because of some reasons:

 “I didn’t want to pay for it”
“I wasn’t feeling good”
“I didn’t trust men”
and a bunch of other stories.

But the inner work creates safety, opens possibility, and connects more to my power, and does not limit myself by past trauma.

And that’s the magic in this Masterclass—tools to help you move beyond your blocks to create the life and business you want.

If you want more of that, access the “Clear Money Blocks & Attract More Wealth” Masterclass here with 1 click .

Major love,


P.S. If you connect to any of what I shared and want to chat more. I’d love to hear from you. Send a reply. I read and respond to all of them.

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