One Shift To Turn Pain Into Gratitude

To have a sense of gratitude is very notable in dealing with our experiences. With all things we go through everyday, would it be possible to just have one shift to turn pain into gratitude? Definitely.

Remember when you were a kid and you really wanted a new pair of shoes, a new toy, or a new game?

You could burst with excitement.

And then remember what happened when you got it?

Maybe you skipped around with a huge smile for a bit, but before long you were back to your baseline.

This understanding that we always come back to our baseline gave me some helpful insights I want to share with you.

Because I know you have goals and desires, but I also know you want to feel good in the process and after you receive them.

As you know from years of getting red hearts on social media, dopamine is an excellent motivator.

Dopamine elevates your mood as you make progress towards something you want and when you achieve it.

But it doesn’t last forever. It just leaves you wanting more…

I had recent goals to get over 10k followers on Tik Tok, to bring on 8 long-term clients, and to make over $10k/month.

Every step towards those goals gave me a hit of pleasure. And of course, when I hit them I was super excited.

But after hitting the goals and the initial celebration, I experienced a huge drop in my mood.

And it helped me remember, while it can be valuable and fulfilling to work towards things that align with your curiosity/mission/purpose, the intention behind the action is super important.

So I compiled a list of my big takeaways to help us the sense of gratitude, enjoy the process more and not feel empty after reaching the next milestone.

Here they are:

  1. It’s important to have a sense of gratitude that you get to spend time doing work you care about, regardless of the outcome.
  2. What you desire most is a feeling, not an external award, object, or result.
  • For example, I desire to feel free, worthy, and empowered. Business metrics and money can help me connect with those feelings, but they aren’t the actual feelings.
  • The feelings come from within and are things I can connect to, even without external indicators.
  1. You can’t look to external goals to fill a sense of lack within because they never will. That just leaves you feeling empty after the rush of dopamine.
  2. It’s most valuable to approach external goals from a sense of already being full and with an appreciation for the process, rather than looking to the external thing to fill something that’s lacking inside.

Just like the little kid version of you, once you get the external thing whether it’s money, a job title, your dream car, etc. you’re hyped for a moment and then go back to your baseline as if there was no sense of gratitude.

So if your baseline is a sense of lack, you’ll feel that regardless of what you accomplish on the outside.

Which means, it’s helpful to bring awareness and gratitude to the process, and to be intentional about habits, experiences, and relationships that help your baseline feel its best.

And that’s why I help creators work from the inside out.

Yes, I want to help you let go of limiting beliefs, yes I want to help you grow your income doing work you love.

But most importantly I want you to feel good and take care of yourself in the process.

Because if you still feel shitty after you get something you want, what’s the point?

So if you want to brainstorm a way to grow your income doing work you’re passionate about and FEEL good in the process, apply for a strategy call here and if you’re a good fit we’ll make it happen

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