One Key To Unlock Your Growth

How open are you to receiving love?

Your answer to this has a big impact on the growth of your business.

So lemme explain…

Shortly after starting therapy, I told my therapist I wanted to scale back on sessions.

So with a surprised look on her face, she encouraged me to share more of what was underneath my desire.

There were multiple things at play, but one main insight I got was there was a cap on the amount of love I felt safe receiving.

And the more we exceeded that cap, the more I felt like I needed to run away.

I was so used to PERFORMING for love, so receiving love just for BEING felt off to me.

But I saw this translate to my business as well.

Even when someone told me our work together had a significant impact on their life, there was this underlying feeling that I wasn’t doing enough.

So it impacted the amount of money I felt “good enough” to receive.

But a big shift happened to me in recent months.

There has been a ton of feeling of feelings and energetic practices that have helped me move through these blocks.

But the biggest difference maker was the awareness of 1 main thing.

I became aware that my way of BEING has incredible value and is worth all of the love and all of the money.

I started to own that I have natural gifts—a unique genius that is VALUABLE AF to the right people.

And this felt so revolutionary because it helped me connect more to my power, double down on what made me unique and opened me up to receive even more.

I see something similar with people I work with…

Often they feel like they’re doing something wrong or what they have to offer isn’t significant enough.

So this creates resistance to them attracting clients and money.

And what unlocks their growth more than any strategy is awareness of their unique gifts and 1 important decision. 

The decision that their unique gifts are VALUABLE AF.

Conversely this decision allows them to open to the possibility that people are ready, excited and able to pay for the transformations they provide.And this creates a different level of magnetism. 

Because the way you’re BEING attracts people that mirror your beliefs.

And the strategy and alignment work will naturally flow from a place of enoughness. 

So if you’re nodding your head to this, want to connect more with the power and value of your unique genius, and focus on the growth of your business in an aligned way, reply to this email and we can chat.

Sending you love,



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