This is Real, Not Just A Flirt ❤️

I got a real message for your heart…

You ever get something you want and then feel worse after?

Maybe you made more money in your business and now you’re scared shitless about losing it.

Or you have the clients you want and you feel trapped with the responsibility.

Or you have the opportunity you wanted and your body freaks out because you feel unworthy or you’re scared you might fuck it up.

If you connect with any of the above I feel you.

I’ve experienced all of the above, and I want to share 1 quick message with you that can help.

Before I share that message though…

If you haven’t checked out my Free Masterclass “Clear Your Money Blocks & Attract More Wealth” I’d def recommend you do because it’ll help with the scenarios I just shared.

In the Masterclass, we focused a lot on moving through blocks in the body because it’s often the main thing that slows us down and also the most neglected thing when it comes to growing your business.

But back to what I was saying… 

The main message I want to share today is that you are worthy of it all.

That’s it.

And you’re not worthy because of how productive you are.

Or because you got a lot of likes on a recent social post.

Or because someone else said you are.

You’re worthy of it all just for being you – for being the real you.

You are worthy of all of the love and money just for being you—your unique genius, your unique essence, your slice of God is worthy.

I want you to reread the last 2 sentences and see how it feels.

Where is the resistance in your body?

That’s the work—to move through, integrate, and alchemize all of the parts of you that feel they aren’t worthy of unconditional love.

That’s what unlocks all of your power and magic.

All of the business strategy stuff is important too.But it needs a foundation of enoughness to stand on.

If this speaks to you and you want to chat more about moving through blocks and growing your service-based business around your unique genius reply with the words “unconditional love” and we can talk more about the ways you want to expand.

Lots of love,



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