Moving From Anxiety To Power In Your Business

Do you want to turn your anxiety to power in your business?

I got you some thoughts on how to start doing this.

Are you the person that loves recommending songs and restaurants to friends…

But freezes when it’s time to share your own creations?

Or maybe the thought of selling your offer makes you cringe?

Why is that?

Often people interpret this as being stuck, not liking selling, or the timing being wrong.

But most of the time there’s something deeper going on…

I shared a insight into what’s going on and what to do about it. So you can share your creations with the same enthusiasm that you share your favorite TV show.

In addition to what I share in this email, you can also check out this 1 minute YouTube video, where my former client, Taylor, talks about the impact this process had on her and her business.

Here’s the part most people are confused about:

The anxiety that feels like it’s holding you back is often a “protector”

It’s protecting you from feeling what’s underneath it, which is often emotions like sadness, grief, fear, and anger from times you may have been rejected, abandoned, criticized, made to feel like you weren’t enough etc.

So instead of putting you in a situation where you might experience the same pain again, your body uses strategies like anxiety and numbing to protect you.

But that same “protector” once acknowledged and loved also offers a portal for you to create healing and expansion.

It offers you the opportunity to create more internal security. So that one person saying “no” would not mean to you as “I’m a failure and a bad person”

And it also offers you the opportunity to open to the love, money, and acknowledgment that more aligned people want to give to you.

The key is to:

  1. Bring attention to the sensation in the body (anxiety, numbing, etc)
  2. Acknowledge it and thank it for protecting you. (it was likely very necessary at one point in your life
  3. Let your body know you’re open to the wisdom and the feelings that are beneath the protector
  4. Meet what comes to the surface with love and feel it, instead of intellectualizing it
  5. Connect with the deeper love you have for yourself and extend compassion for all the ways your body and mind has helped you survive
  6. Reframe your relationship to the situation that used to trigger you, so you can respond in a more empowering way

It’s a beautiful thing to create inner safety, knowing, and prosperity that helps you own your power and create the growth and impact you want in your business.

If this is speaking to you and you want to chat more about how I can help you and your business, reply with the word “freedom”

Sending you lots of love!



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