Letting Go of Perfectionism

How to let go of perfectionism? Do you ask this to yourself?

You ever want to do something and then instead of doing it your mind tells you why your idea sucks, and the 1000 things you need to do to make it better?

(or is that just me? 🤔)

Anyways, if you can relate, then you know how much this slows you down. It makes you jump through hoops until the idea is “ready” (read as: took way more time and stress than it needed to)

And that’s not fun or good for the spirit or good for the people that need your impact.

So I’m gonna share 1 thing that’s often at the root of this pattern. With this, you can create things with way more ease and avoid perfectionism. Cool?

This one BIG lesson keeps coming up for me.

I remember when I had my first event for my first company, Innerglow.

We charged $16 per person. I was like, “yo if people are paying me $16 whole dollars then they need a 3 hour, jam packed transformative event.”

Of course, I quickly learned people would much rather we cut the time in half and give them the same impact. Plus they were willing to pay even more for less time.

And my mind was like, “wait— I can DO LESSSSSS and still create something I was proud of that had a huge impact?”

But you know how lessons are—they need some time to integrate.

So after a few years of being consistent with a weekly newsletter.

It started to feel like a lot. Even though I love sharing my ideas with people, and receive lovely replies when I send it. (thanks your messages mean a lot)

But I realized, what slowed me down was thinking it needed to be such a big thing.

Like honestly, I looked back at some of my old emails and laughed cause they could’ve been like 4 separate emails haha.

But what is underneath it all in wanting perfectionism?

From my experience and working with clients going through the same stuff, I realized it often comes down to self worth.

A part of you doesn’t feel worthy, so you feel you need to do more and more and more…ugh exhausting.

Truth is—no one wants a long ass email or a marathon of a course or cares that you spent 3 months on Canva perfecting your logo.

They just want you and your energy. In its most imperfect way. Because it’s valuable.

It’s life changing. More importantly, it’s more than enough.

So my friend, can you give yourself permission to do less and not think of perfectionism? (read as: own your worthiness and show up as your amazing self)

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