If You’re Still Scared To Be Seen…

Scared to be seen? Scared to live?

What do you do once you wake up?

And see the ways you lived aren’t how you’re meant to live or want to live…

And realize your “personality” is really coping strategies you adopted to survive?

Because you’ve been put in a box that told you be the “good boy” or be the “good girl”…

But it’s time for your new season now.

The rules of the old box were:

  • Don’t piss anyone off
  • People please
  • Dim your light
  • Don’t make anyone too uncomfortable

But I say fuck that.

And you say fuck that too.

So you know it’s time.

As there’s something bursting out of you…

Because you’re here to lead.

And use your story to transform yourself and others.

All of that suffering has helped you deepen your purpose and expertise.

The mask is coming off.

 But now it’s time to navigate these waters.

To create a new sense of home, to deepen your anchor of courage, to honor your hopes and dreams.

First, we go inside and shine light on your genius…

Because this is when we let the fiercest and softest love transform the parts of you that believed you needed to be in the box in the first place.

We’re outside now!

So it’s time to use your outside voice…

In the same way, we align with what feels most true to you.

And honor your need to be an instrument

To let the songs of your spirit pour through you.

In service to you, as you connect with your natural power and prosperity.

And in service to humanity as they remember their truth as well.

So if this speaks to you and you want to walk together as you expand yourself and your business, reply with the word “freedom” and we can chat about your desires and see if I can help.

Big love,


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