How To Attract Your People As A Creator

How comfortable are you with sharing your uniqueness, especially as a creator?

I’ve learned this is one of the biggest factors in your growth as a person and with your business.

Let me explain…

I looked at some of my old content and it felt informative, but also too nice and a bit boring.

The issue?

I was trying to make things for everybody.

What’s most energizing to me at the moment is helping creators access freedom through transforming limiting beliefs into empowering ones and building online service-based businesses around their interests/skills.

I go deep with both the internal work and business related work with my clients.

But I held back from sharing a lot of the marketing and sales related content publicly.

Part of that was because:

  1. I know my work can help everyone, so I didn’t want to exclude people
  2. I needed to work through feelings of worthiness
  3. I was too attached to my identity as the wellness guy

And a BIG BIG part was because I wanted more people to like me…

So I shared things that could speak to everyone instead of my specific target person.

But I want to tell you why going for everyone isn’t the best approach as a creator.

A misconception people often have in business is that if you go for everyone you’ll attract more customers.

And if you hone in on a specific target person you’ll limit the growth in your business.

But what I’ve found, and what I’ve learned from my mentors is that the opposite is true.

When you highlight more of what makes you unique and focus in on the specific people that feel most energizing to you, you become magnetic to those people.

Because you become a specialist for them and you help them feel seen and understood.

When you direct your energy towards everyone, you’re less magnetic and end up attracting people that aren’t the best fit.

Owning what makes you unique as a creator takes you from being a small fish in a big pond to a big fish in a little pond.

Of course, that also means you have to be okay with turning some people away. But it lets you own curiosities and lets your ideal customer know you’re the right person for them. This small shift is what’s allowing me to build my biz to 6 figures this year and is gonna be a major factor in attracting more of my people. Let me know if this lands. Do you feel called to own more of what makes you unique?

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