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Creator Dashboard

Creator Dashboard — $29

Lean in to your full potential

A digital dashboard that helps you master your mindset, bring your visions to life, deepen connections with like-minded peers and develop healthy habits, so you can thrive.

Is the Creator Dashboard right for you?

  1. Do you have a vision, but lack a supportive and like-minded community to help you achieve that vision?
  1. Do you struggle to be consistent with your craft or ideas?
  1. Do you have harmful habits you’d like to replace with better ones?

Then the Creator Dashboard was built for you:

A community of self-aware creators

Building alone is hard. Get the support and accountability you’ve been missing and bring your vision to life with like-minded peers.

When you purchase your Creator Dashboard, you’ll receive a link with an invite to our online community.

Fully customizable dashboard with all your work in one place

You don’t rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems. Get clear and organized with your work and life priorities, so you can show up consistently.

Notion’s all-in-one workspace gets rid of the chaos of too many tools and can be accessed from your browser, the Notion desktop app and Notion iOS/android apps.

Tools to support your mindset and wellbeing

We baked in habit science and other tools to positively impact your mindset and behavior.

Create a personal manifesto that helps you stay connected to your main goal, bring awareness to how you’re using your time and build habits that support your dreams and wellbeing.

Your Creator Dashboard Helps You

  • Influence your mindset and behavior, so you can bring your visions to life.
  • Organize and create your content and client work.
  • Develop systems to track your progress and maintain momentum.
  • Track and build wellness habits.
  • Organize your ideas and the things you’re learning.
  • Track and deepen network/community connections.
  • Visualize and stay on top of your main focuses in work and life.
  • Gain clarity on your priorities.

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