Enjoy The Process By Avoiding These 10 Things

At some point in life, we enjoy the process. As a kid, creating was fun. Remember how epic finger painting was?

But somewhere along the line we needed to play less and adult more.

Hence, expectations got added in and things that used to be enjoyable started to feel like a chore.

What I’ve come to realize is there isn’t any destination or outcome or thing to win. It’s all just an evolving journey.

If we forget to play and enjoy the process because we’re fixated on a future outcome, we miss the whole thing and are miserable along the way.

So that’s 1 thing to avoid–forgetting to play as you build your dreams and journey through life.

Thus, here are 9 other things that can hold you back:

2. Neglecting your wellbeing—you can’t show up in exhaustion.

3. Waiting for inspiration—action leads to more inspiration, waiting usually leads to more anxiety

4. Having no structure—while we do need time to just flow and make new connections, creativity also needs routine.

If you never take time to act on your creative impules or don’t give yourself space to develop your ideas, you don’t get the chance to really tap into your own magic

5. Focusing more on the outcome than the process—clinging to an outcome is a sure way to be unhappy and slow yourself down. It’s more helpful to practice a shot 100 times than to obsess about whether the first one will go in

6. Not giving attention to self-limiting beliefs and sabotaging tendencies—most of our thoughts and decisions are led by the unconscious mind. Without looking at it, we get it our own way

7. Putting too much weight on what others think—We’re wired for love and belonging, so it makes sense to want to be liked. But you can’t control what others think and they’re usually more focused on themselves than you.

In the words of the late Virgil Abloh, prioritize your ideas over the opinions of others

8. Not embracing your uniqueness—There is no such thing as normal. Your weirdness is your superpower.

9. Wanting to be perfect—Making mistakes is the pathway to creation

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