Avoid This To Improve Your Mindset

Are you struggling to improve your mindset? A lot of the mindset advice out there sucks. Okay maybe sucks is too strong… But a lot of the advice is incomplete. And you know your mindset is one of the most important parts of creating the life and business you want. So I’m gonna share waysContinue reading “Avoid This To Improve Your Mindset”

One Key To Unlock Your Growth

How open are you to receiving love?​Your answer to this has a big impact on the growth of your business.​So lemme explain…​Shortly after starting therapy, I told my therapist I wanted to scale back on sessions.​So with a surprised look on her face, she encouraged me to share more of what was underneath my desire.​ThereContinue reading “One Key To Unlock Your Growth”

The Next Level You Needed

Yo I figured something out to put yourself onto the next level. One of the biggest things that holds you back or helps you elevate is your “self-concept”. It’s the reason most people repeat the same patterns over and over. I’ve been geeking out about this. So I’m gonna share why your self-concept is suchContinue reading “The Next Level You Needed”

This is Real, Not Just A Flirt ❤️

I got a real message for your heart… You ever get something you want and then feel worse after? Maybe you made more money in your business and now you’re scared shitless about losing it. Or you have the clients you want and you feel trapped with the responsibility. Or you have the opportunity youContinue reading “This is Real, Not Just A Flirt ❤️”

How To Create With Ease and Power

A power through read for everyone in conflict with their creations. This is fucking important… Today we’re talking about creating with ease and power. And helping creation feel good, which is a life-changing big deal. Let’s start with some questions.  I invite you to let yourself pause and be present with the questions. Why doContinue reading “How To Create With Ease and Power”

If You’re Still Scared To Be Seen…

Scared to be seen? Scared to live? What do you do once you wake up? And see the ways you lived aren’t how you’re meant to live or want to live… And realize your “personality” is really coping strategies you adopted to survive? Because you’ve been put in a box that told you be theContinue reading “If You’re Still Scared To Be Seen…”

The Important Of Environment In Behavior Change

A short discussion on the importance of environment in behavior change. Can it really affect our day-to-day life? Willpower is like an 8 year old. It wants to do well and sometimes it exceeds my expectations, but I’d be foolish to expect it to handle life’s challenges without support.  Instead of relying on willpower, designingContinue reading “The Important Of Environment In Behavior Change”

6 Lessons On Creativity From Virgil Abloh

Virgil Abloh, founder of fashion Brand Off-White and head mens designer for Louis Vuitton, was a prolific creator who taught me the importance of focusing on my craft instead of getting bogged down with perfectionism or the criticism of the outside world. Here are 6 other lessons on creativity I’ve learned from him:  1. Don’tContinue reading “6 Lessons On Creativity From Virgil Abloh”