How To Like Yourself More (And Grow At The Same Time)

As ambitious people, we often think about ways we want to grow. But can only focusing on things you want to change, do more harm than good? That’s been a BIG question for me of late. And here’s what I realized: You may think you need to beat yourself up to be effective and grow asContinue reading “How To Like Yourself More (And Grow At The Same Time)”

Creative Genius Is A Myth—4 Ways To Develop Your Creativity

Traditional views on creativity lead you to believe only a small percentage of people are born creative geniuses.  Accordingly, we look at Kanye West, Virgil Abloh and Rihanna and assume they all must have a special gene that allows them to create brilliant work across multiple disciplines. “The Creative Curve” by Allen Gannett debunks theContinue reading “Creative Genius Is A Myth—4 Ways To Develop Your Creativity”

Benefits of Being Cringy

Have you ever been cringy? Have you ever cringed when you heard your voice out loud or saw yourself on video? What about when you think about an awkward memory? I remember I was pissed and sad after the 2016 election and I shared a long post on my Facebook (wow been a minute sinceContinue reading “Benefits of Being Cringy”

7 Things To Remember to Make Your Emotional Pain More Useful

Over the last month, I had some childhood wounds and emotional pain surface and my body told me it was time to face them. Here are some of my takeaways/reminders: 1. Triggers reveal wounds I was confused by the initial experiences that triggered me. They seemed like small things to feel anxious about. But asContinue reading “7 Things To Remember to Make Your Emotional Pain More Useful”

Strategies to Make Your Self-Talk More Constructive

We all talk to ourselves—sometimes out loud, but mostly in our own head. While the voice in our head often goes untracked, it has a significant impact on our wellbeing, confidence and ability to bounce back from painful life experiences. What does the voice in your head usually sound like? We’ve evolved to have aContinue reading “Strategies to Make Your Self-Talk More Constructive”

Overcoming Fears that Cause Procrastination

Doubt, fear, procrastination—what do you call it? Over the last couple weeks, I found myself avoiding some tasks that were high up on my priority list and replacing them with smaller tasks or time wasted on the Internet. If you’ve had a similar experience, I’m sure you can imagine the internal dialogue I was havingContinue reading “Overcoming Fears that Cause Procrastination”

Why We Need to Be Real About How We Feel

The reality is life is incredibly challenging by its very nature. We have a myriad of experiences, and moods, and feelings, and emotions. So why do we often feel like we have to repress parts of us that make us fully human? Why we need to be real about how we feel? I know thisContinue reading “Why We Need to Be Real About How We Feel”