Avoid This To Improve Your Mindset

Are you struggling to improve your mindset?

A lot of the mindset advice out there sucks.

Okay maybe sucks is too strong…

But a lot of the advice is incomplete.

And you know your mindset is one of the most important parts of creating the life and business you want.

So I’m gonna share ways to make the common mindset advice more useful.

And, at the end, I’m also gonna share a practice that’s had a huge impact on my mindset and the mindset of my clients.

Let’s get into it…1 common thing you hear is “power through”


  • This makes some sense because it is important to have courage and deal with discomfort


  • It’s really like fighting with yourself, so this can only take you so far.

A more helpful approach:

  • Practice courage, accept discomfort AND let go of some of the resistance, so your mind encourages you to act on your desired behaviors. 

    (I’m sharing more of the how at the end of this email)

Another common thing you hear is “ignore your thoughts/feelings”Pro: 

  • It’s helpful to let go of unproductive stories


  • It’s also important to be aware of your beliefs and things that hold you back because that’s the foundation of changing patterns
  • Also processing your feelings is important for your expansion.
  • When you ignore what you feel it’s hard to give yourself what you need.

A more helpful approach:

  • Acknowledge your thoughts and discern which stories no longer need your attention.
  • Give attention to the sensations in your body and let yourself FEEL them. (There’s wisdom on the other end of the feeling)
  • Use practices that help you relate to your experiences differently by creating new perspectives, feelings and beliefs.

The last common mindset advice I’ll share is “mentally replace the unproductive thought with a better one”.


  • Can help you speak kinder to yourself and open yourself to new possibilities


  • Can lead you to neglect important parts of yourself and things that need your attention.
  • This isn’t sustainable because you don’t get to the root of what’s leading to the thought, so it may keep popping up.

A more helpful approach:

  • Replace language that isn’t helpful for you AND give attention to the subconscious beliefs and feelings, so you can process what you need to and create new beliefs.

The reason a lot of common mindset advice falls short is because it ignores the role the body plays in our automatic feelings and reactions.

It also focuses mostly on your thoughts, but overlooks the subconscious beliefs and feelings that lead to the thoughts.

One of the most help practices I’ve found to help transform the body’s reactions as well as subconscious beliefs and feelings is hypnotherapy.

I love using hypnotherapy to help my clients grow as people and with their business because it makes it easier to change things on the subconscious level.

In other words you can work more with what’s at the root, instead of fighting with what’s on the surface.

Curious have you tried hypnotherapy at all?

Talk soon,

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