The Next Level You Needed

Yo I figured something out to put yourself onto the next level.

One of the biggest things that holds you back or helps you elevate is your “self-concept”.

It’s the reason most people repeat the same patterns over and over.

I’ve been geeking out about this.

So I’m gonna share why your self-concept is such a big deal and 3 ways to be intentional with it to create the life and business you want.

What’s this “self-concept” thing I’m making a big deal about?

It’s your image of yourself, which comes from beliefs you’ve internalized.

But most of these beliefs were established by a younger you in response to:

  • your experiences
  • your caregivers
  • society

So for example, if you want to create a business that brings you lots of wealth and helps lots of people.

But a part of your self-concept is that you’re a “starving artist” or “problem child”, those subconscious beliefs will clash with what you want to create.

Even so, I know the power of your self-concept first hand.

When I had my first $20k month, in my business, my nervous system freaked out.

And my mind circled with a ton of reasons why I shouldn’t make any more money.

I even had thoughts of blowing up the business.

So what was happening here?

My self-concept wasn’t aligned with making that amount of money that quickly, so it wanted to bring me back to a point of comfort.

With that, what do we do about this?

There are 3 main things that can help you align your self-concept with the life and business you want to create.

I like to see it as a mind, body, soul connection.

1) On a mental level it’s important to decide what you want.

Know it is okay to have desires and you don’t need to feel shame or guilt about them.

Own what you want to create.

Own the things that excite you or help you feel more at home.

And be mindful of any identities that limit your ability to change your mind, live in alignment or own your full self.

A few ways my clients and I work through this are by:

  • Creating their personal manifesto and visualizing it daily 
  • Getting clarity on their values 
  • Using hypnotherapy to shift subconscious beliefs

​2) On the body level a helpful way to grow your self-concept is through shadow work.

Often when you feel triggered or anxious it’s easy to fixate on the stories in your mind.

And this usually doesn’t help much.

Conversely, what I’ve found helpful is to let go of the story in the mind and give compassionate attention to the sensations in the body.

You can place a loving hand on the part of your body that feels the tension and ask your body questions like:

  • What’s underneath this feeling?
  • What do you want to express?
  • When have I felt this way before?

This process can help you bring to light wounds and suppressed/repressed beliefs.

Giving these parts of you love and allowing the body to process these emotions can help you let go of the beliefs that aren’t serving you anymore.

3) On a soul level it’s helpful to get clarity on your mission.

  • What/who energizes you?
  • What do you feel called to do?
  • Who do you want to serve?

Clarity on these questions can light a fire that burns through identities that hold you back and help you practice courage to create something bigger than yourself.

Hence for this third part I’ve developed a “Unique Genius Framework” that helps you connect the dots on your genius.

And I’ve also found Human Design to be super helpful.

So for myself and clients I’ve used the Human Design knowledge of people like Christie Inge and Phoebe Kuhn to affirm some of our gifts.

Lastly through a mind, body, and soul approach you can transform your self concept from something that keeps you stuck…into something that’s empowering and in harmony with the life and business you want.

So if this speaks to you and you want to expand in the ways described above, let’s chat. Reply with the word “expansion” and we can talk to see if there are ways I can help you grow as a person and with your service based business.

Major love,



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