7 Things To Remember to Make Your Emotional Pain More Useful

Over the last month, I had some childhood wounds and emotional pain surface and my body told me it was time to face them.

Here are some of my takeaways/reminders:

1. Triggers reveal wounds

I was confused by the initial experiences that triggered me.

They seemed like small things to feel anxious about.

But as I sat with myself more, I realized my discomfort had nothing to do with the present trigger.

Underneath there were child hood wounds that were asking for a attention.

Things like “I’m a bad person; I’m not worthy of love/acceptance/forgiveness”

2. Anger is a secondary emotion

It felt nice to get angry and not feel bad.

I used to shame and repress my anger, in the past.

But yeah, anger is helpful and something to embrace.

Underneath it, there is pain that wants your attention.

3. You have to feel it to heal it

Don’t think this one needs me to add on much more.

But one helpful thing—to feel means to be aware of the sensations in your body.

Thinking about emotions doesn’t count as feeling them. 🙏🏾

4. The mind replays what the heart wants to heal.

Wow being human is fun. (I mean that)

5. The adult you operates from its wounds to feel safe

Holy shit—so much of our behavior is just patterns we started as kids to feel safe. (But you can heal, which is nice)

6. Healing isn’t linear

When you provide a safe container, more buried things will come into your awareness because they’re ready to be embraced with love and compassion.

So let yourself surrender in the process.

7. There’s wisdom on the other end

We learn so much from our pain.

And with some perspective you can even find beauty in the whole thing.

Through the experience:

  • I feel a better connection to my body
  • I no longer feel like a bad person.
  • And I’m nicer to myself.

Here’s to giving ourselves grace and embracing the journey.

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